Hill Tower

Hill Tower

height:  340'

stories:  33

units:  239

area:  261,600 s.f.

retail:  5,400 s.f.

The design of the building consists of 2 primary facades of opposing orientation that relate to their siting and are held together by the strong, slender verticality of the concrete tower articulated by striations which play on light & shadow. The north façade faces the Civic Center & mountains and has more extensive glazing afforded by even light. The south façade is faces Southpark and the ocean beyond. The articulation is more solid and glazed living spaces are protected from harsh sunlight with cantilevered balconies. 

The base of the building is scaled to the height of the block with the first 75’ relating to the historic May Co. Garage, and the next 75’ up to 150’ height registering the historic streetwall.