Magnolia Lofts

Magnolia Lofts

height:  63'

stories:  6

units:  46

area:  45,900

The linear building is sited on an extremely narrow lot and defines the eastern boundary of the NoHo Artcraft District.  

The project will provide an integrated art element as a public benefit on the northwest corner of the building.  This element is conceptualized as special wall treatment that covers the full height of the corner piece and demarcates a tower.  A panelized grid of perforated metal will clad the corner and articulate a pattern which is extruded from the façade at varying depths.  Lighting will be incorporated and heighten the play of depth.  The same material will clad balconies at the linear west and east elevations, as well as the south elevation and integrate the front art element with the entire building.  The strategy of deploying the art element as an architectural element allows for the building identity and design to be driven by the art element, rather then having the art applied to the building.