SB Omega

SB Omega

height:  390'

stories:  38

units:  452

area:  551,800 s.f.

retail:  25,000 s.f.

SB Omega is a tall, broad tower that stands back on a long podium which spans 3/4 of the block. The primary expression of the tower is a vertically striated slab of light grey smooth concrete panels and glazed stripes fronted by a highly articulated network of horizontal balconies which zip up the façade. The staggering of the cantilevered balconies provides for higher airspace vs. the straight stacked ones.

Horizontal bands of triple stacked balconies establish interruptions in the otherwise uniform repetition and create movement within the façade. Stainless steel perforated metal balcony guardrails will shimmer against the reflection of glass and sparkle of the smooth concrete panels.

The podium draws on the language of the tower but is also designed to be scaled to the pedestrian, referencing the Historic Core and remains uniquely contemporary. The overall mass of the base is broken up by 4 taller volumes, one of which forms a discreet corner building at 6th and Main. The 4 volumes are clad in pewter colored metal and articulated in a tri-partite order.